How to do digital signature? How to do digital signature in pdf?

Electronic signatures on papers have become standard in the digital age, giving efficiency, security, and convenience. Digital signatures provide a legally enforceable method of authenticating and validating the integrity of digital messages or documents. In this blog post, we will go through the step-by-step process of how to do digital signature and discuss its importance in various industries.

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What is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a cryptographic method for ensuring the validity and integrity of electronic documents or messages. It uses public-key cryptography, with both a private and public key. The private key is used to sign the document, while the public key is used to validate the signature.

Digital signature is used frequently in our day to day life for e-kyc and many other purposes which we will discuss ahead.

How to do a digital signature?

To develop your digital signature your can follow the steps given below..

First, obtain a digital certificate.
The first step is to secure a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) digital certificate. The certificate contains your public key as well as other pertinent information that connects your identity to the key pair.

Install the Certificate in Step 2
Install the digital certificate on your device or a secure hardware token after you receive it to ensure its security.

Step 3: Sign the Contract
Open the document you wish to sign with software that supports digital signatures. When you click the “Sign” button, the software will request you to select your digital certificate. The software will generate the digital signature for the document using your private key.

After you create your digital signature, it is mandatory to verify it. So, lets understand how we can verify our digital signature.

How to verify your Digital Signature?

The following methods can be used by anyone receiving the digitally signed document to confirm its veracity and integrity:

First, get the public key.
To validate the signature, you must ask for the sender’s public key. Typically, it is included in the digital certificate.

Verify the signature in Step 2
Open the document and choose “Verify Signature” from the menu using built-in tools or digital signature verification software. The sender’s public key will be used by the software to validate and authenticate the signature.

After the verification process lets have a look at the ‘advantages of digital signatures

Advantages of Digital Signature.

There is an enormous advantages of using a digital signature. Some of them are elaborated below.

Enhanced Security: Because digital signatures are encrypted, they are impossible to falsify or tamper with.

Legally binding: Many countries accept digital signatures as legally valid, giving them the same legal weight as handwritten signatures.

Faster Processes: Digitally signing papers eliminates the need for printing, scanning, and physical transmission, which streamlines workflows.Reduced paper usage and administrative overhead result in cost reductions for enterprises.

Many people have a query regarding how to do digital signature in excel? Lets have a look on that also.

How to do digital signature in excel?

To create a digital signature in excel the first steps are same like obtain a digital certificate and install that digital certificate. After that you can follow the given steps…

Enabling the Excel Developer Tab:Excel hides the Developer tab by default. You must enable this tab to gain access to the capabilities required for adding a digital signature. Check the Developer option under File > Options > Customize Ribbon.

Adding a Signature Line: After enabling the Developer tab, navigate to the “Insert” group. Choose “Signature Line” to provide a placeholder for the digital signature. You can change the attributes of the signature line, such as the signer’s name, title, and instructions for the signer.

Signing the Document: You can sign the document by double-clicking on the signature line. Click “Sign” and select your digital certificate from the drop-down menu.

Almost the same steps and instruction is used to create a digital signature in word and pdf.


Finally, digital signatures are an effective means of confirming the validity and integrity of electronic documents. Individuals and organizations may confidently embrace the ease and security of the digital age by knowing the process of producing and verifying digital signatures. Incorporating digital signatures into your daily operations can result in increased security, cost savings, and increased efficiency. As technology advances, the value of digital signatures will only expand, making it critical for everyone to become acquainted with this critical part of the digital world.

1. How to do digital signature?

To do a digital signature the steps are very simple.
Obtain a digital certificate > Install the certificate > Sign the document > Verify it.

2. Digital signature works on which techniques?

Digital signature works on cryptographcryptographic technique.

3. Is digital signature safe?

As we discussed digital signature works on the cryptographic method which is encrypted as well and it is impossible to alter it. So digital signature is secure to use.


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