Acko Bike Insurance: Is ACKO Good For Bike Insurance?

Acko Bike Insurance: Is ACKO Good For Bike Insurance? Acko General Insurance is a new insurance provider that provides all of its plans digitally. It was founded in 2016 and granted an IRDAI licence in 2017. It follows an online-driven market and offers every service digitally. The business is a fresh entrant in the cutthroat markets for health, auto, and motorcycle insurance.

Instead of providing a multifaceted product, it has expanded its boundaries in a more inventive manner. Among the retail services provided by Acko General Insurance are Bike Insurance, Car Insurance, In-Trip Domestic Insurance, and Mobile Insurance. The business is making a difference in the markets for car and motorcycle insurance and is providing enticing plans in an effort to make the purchase and usage of insurance as simple as possible.

The business offers bike insurance, along with a number of other products, and has teamed with Ola taxis to introduce an in-trip insurance programme. It is a well-considered approach to offer comfort to individuals using cabs and coping with numerous difficulties along the way. The retailer’s website now offers a variety of mobile insurance policies thanks to a partnership with Amazon India.

Through its investors, Acko General Insurance was able to obtain $42 million dollars, which it used to try to make the lengthy and difficult process of getting a vehicle or motorbike insured quick and simple.

Acko Bike Insurance

Acko Bike Insurance: Is ACKO Good For Bike Insurance?

Buying insurance for a two-wheeler is an easy and quick method to safeguard yourself against the risks associated with operating one. The three primary forms of insurance offered in India are third-party insurance, standalone own-damage insurance, and comprehensive policies. All three are supplied by Acko General Insurance. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates that all two-wheelers in India be covered by third party insurance. If you are found to be without this insurance, you could be fined Rs 2,000 and/or put in jail for up to 3 months. In the event of an accident, the policy will cover third-party obligations for things like physical harm, fatalities, and property damage. Purchasing a standalone own-damage insurance policy is another wise decision.

Although this insurance is optional, it will safeguard your two-wheeler from a variety of risks in the event of a collision.Theft, vandalism, auto accidents, and natural calamities are included in this. Last but not least, comprehensive insurance covers both third-party liabilities and own-damage expenses for a single price.

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To increase the range of your two-wheeler insurance policy’s service, you can buy an add-on cover. These are optional coverage options that you can select and exclude from your insurance as needed to suit your individual needs. Make sure to investigate the add-ons since choosing the proper ones can significantly affect how a claim is settled. Acko Bike InsuranceAcko Bike InsuranceAcko Bike Insurance

Inexpensive rates, a computerized door-to-door claim process, and prompt claim resolution are all offered by Acko General Insurance. On every own-damage plan, they also provide a no-claim bonus for years without a claim. This award is cumulative in nature and increases to 50% in the fifth year in a row without a claim. Acko Bike InsuranceAcko Bike InsuranceAcko Bike InsuranceAcko Bike Insurance

Significant Points of Acko Bike Insurance

Acko Bike Insurance: Is ACKO Good For Bike Insurance?
Third Party Insurance Property DamageUp to Rs 1 Lakh
Own Damage CoverDependent on the IDV of the Two-Wheeler
Personal Accident CoverUp to Rs 15 Lakh
Assistance for Claim ProcedureAvailable 24×7
Significant Points of Acko Bike Insurance

Benefits of Acko Bike Insurance

  • A strong network of 2,000+ garages
  • 24×7 emergency assistance is available
  • Availability of digital insurance process
  • Instant online insurance renewal process
  • Allow its customers to make unlimited claims.

What is covered in ACKO’s two wheeler insurance policy?

Here’s the list of events covered under two-wheeler insurance (Third-party and Comprehensive Bike Policy). Note that this is an overview; please check out respective policy wordings for exact details.

✅ Third-party losses/liabilities: Damage to another person’s vehicle or property and injuries or death of a third party caused due to your two-wheeler.

✅ Accidental damages: Damages caused to your vehicle due to accidents.

✅ Fire disasters: Damages to your two-wheeler due to fire explosion, self-ignition, lightning, etc.

✅ Natural disasters: Damages due to events such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc.

✅ Man-made disasters: Damages to the insured vehicle due to incidents like riots, protests, terrorist activities etc.

✅ Vehicle theft/total loss: Financial loss due to vehicle theft or total loss. For instance, if your bike/scooter gets stolen, and concerned authorities are unable to trace it.

Types of two wheeler insurance plans available at ACKO

1. Third-party Bike Insurance Plan

In India, having third-party bike insurance is required by law. It offers protection against third-party liability. In other words, the insurance offers financial security if your car causes property or vehicle damage to someone else, or if it injures or kills someone else in an accident. However, your two-wheeler is not covered by third-party insurance for motorcycles or scooters if it is lost or damaged.

2. Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan

All of the protection provided by the Third-party Plan is included in the Comprehensive Bike Policy, along with covering for losses or damages to your two-wheeler. Bike theft, fire damage, natural catastrophes (floods, earthquakes, etc.), man-made calamities (riots), and accidental damage are all covered by this sort of insurance.

3. Personal Accident (PA) Cover

This might technically not qualify as a type of plan but it is an essential cover. Similar to the third-party policy, the Personal Accident cover is mandatory as per law. While the insurance for bike provides coverage against your vehicle, the PA cover offers financial protection against events such as disability/death due to an accident while riding your bike or scooter.

Why choose ACKO for online bike insurance?

There is more than one reason why you should buy online insurance for bikes from us. Here’s the compilation of the same. Please note that the following points are subject to changes due to upgrades, policy changes, etc.

Low-cost plans

You pay a lower premium thanks to our direct-to-consumer model. You need not pay middlemen commissions, thus, your bike insurance price remains low. On top of that, you also get additional personalised discounts on special occasions/festivals.

Instant purchase/renewal

With 100% digital transactions, you get your policy instantly. Whether you are buying a new policy or are on our platform for two-wheeler insurance online renewal, the process is quick, simple, and instant.

Hassle-free claims

If purchasing or renewing the policy is easy, raising a claim request is even easier. Log in to your account by scrolling up, click the “Claim Now” button, answer the simple questions, upload pictures, and click “Submit”. We will take care of the rest.

Instant claim settlements

Dropped your bike and ended up with a broken mirror? Fret not; we settle such claims instantly (within 2 hours). In case of significant damages, we try our best to settle the claims within a few hours/days, depending on the severity of the incident.

Maximise savings

If the low premiums and additional discounts don’t excite you, we have more to offer! You can save more by opting for a long-term plan. Buying multi-year two wheeler insurance from us will save money in the long run for you!

One platform

We offer a one-stop solution for all motorbike insurance-related services. You can buy, renew, track claims and get a free two-wheeler insurance quote in one place! Our mobile app/ website is all you need for a seamless insurance experience.

24×7 customer support

Our customer support team works round the clock. Give us a call at 1800 266 2256 or write to [email protected] to get answers to your queries about your policy, claims, and more.


Over 7.5 crore customers have trusted ACKO for their insurance needs and experienced hassle-free insurance services.

Zero hassle

Our digital platforms (website/app) enable you to choose the right coverage, check the premium and get an instant online policy via email without tedious paperwork.

Is ACKO Good For Bike Insurance?

ACKO is one of India’s best two-wheeler insurance companies thanks to our low-premium plans, zero commission model, and smooth claim settlement process. We are a digital-first insurer and ensure a hiccup-free insurance experience via our website/app.

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