US financial updates: Social Security Disability, stock market, interest rates, inflation

Who will receive payments of up to 192$ between June 20-23,2023

SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, is a federal programme that provides payments to low-income households to purchase food stamps with state governments. Each month, funds are placed onto an Electronic Benefits Transfer card, which functions similarly to a debit card in some areas. US Financial Updates

If you haven’t received yours yet, this report reveals who will receive up to $192 between June 20 and June 23.

US financial news live updates: Social Security checks, stock market, interest rates, inflation

Can I apply for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits more than once?

Every month, the Social Security Administration pays out millions of dollars to programme recipients, the most of whom are retired employees or persons with disabilities, as part of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Is it possible to seek disability payments more than once? From our coverage, learn how and where to apply for SSDI and other financial updates.

US financial news live updates: Social Security checks, stock market, interest rates, inflation

Tax refund of up to $975 dollars: who will receive it and how to apply?

Some Pennsylvania residents may be eligible for a bonus return of property taxes or rent paid in the previous year of up to $975 under the Rental/Property Tax return Programme.

To obtain compensation for the previous year, you must submit an application, which you may download and submit through the program’s online page. This application is for the prior year’s taxes and/or rentals, i.e. 2022.

Continue reading to learn how to apply for the perk.

US financial news live updates: Social Security checks, stock market, interest rates, inflation

What is a mortgage grace period and how does it work?

A mortgage grace period is a temporary forbearance offered by the lender to give the borrower more time to complete the payment without penalty.

The length of the grace period varies based on the conditions of the mortgage agreement and the lender’s rules. Grace periods are typically 10 to 15 days long, however they might be shorter or longer depending on the loan’s exact terms. Late penalties can amount to as much as 6% of a normal mortgage payment amount.

$1,800 Social Security payments on June 21: who will get it?

The Social Security Administration is still mailing out June payouts to retired employees, as well as Supplemental Security Income payments and disability and survivor benefits.

According to the SSA, retirees’ average payouts are $1,827 this year, due to an 8.7% rise in the COLA. The maximum payment is $2,572 per month for individuals who retire at age 62, $3,627 for those who retire at full retirement age (67), and $4,555 for those who retire at age 70 or later.

The SSA gives out around $600 in monthly Supplemental Security Income payments. If both spouses are qualified for the programme, the maximum monthly SSI payout is $914 for an individual and $1,371 for a married pair. Here are several examples:

US financial news live updates: Social Security checks, stock market, interest rates, inflation

Double Social Security payment in June 2023: eligibility, amounts, and payment dates

The Social Security Administration provides Social Security checks and pays Supplemental Security Income payments each month, in addition to administering disability and survivor benefits.

The Social Security Administration is ready to give out June payments, and some claimants may receive a double payment next month. Here’s who’s qualified, the amounts, the payment dates, and why two payments are sometimes paid.

30-year fixed-rate mortgage average ticks down but expected to stay elevated

The average weekly 30-year fixed rate fell for the second week in a straight, falling 0.02% to 6.69% this week. However, this is about 1% greater than a year earlier and more than twice the pace seen in the two years before 2022. And it isn’t likely to fall much in the foreseeable future, maybe even growing.

While only one of numerous variables, rising mortgage rates contribute to the scarcity of accessible home stock for would-be purchasers, since owners are hesitant to sell. This is hardly surprising given that four out of every five homeowners have a mortgage rate of less than 5%. According to Redfin statistics, about a quarter of all mortgages have rates that are less than 3%.

“People who are waiting for mortgage rates to fall should be aware that this is unlikely to happen in the near future,” says Chen Zhao, Lead Economics Researcher at Redfin.

“There’s no reason to wait if a home in your price range with everything on your wishlist hits the market.” You can view our blogs for more financial updates, stock markets and other information related to Financial investment

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